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    Jalan Loyang Besar EC Floor Plan

    The Jalan Loyang Besar Executive Condominium (EC) offers a diverse range of floor plans designed to cater to the varied needs and preferences of modern families and individuals. Situated in the serene and bustling neighborhood of Pasir Ris, Singapore, this residential development blends practicality with elegance, ensuring each unit is not just a house, but a home.

    Understanding the Floor Plan Diversity

    Jalan Loyang Besar EC’s floor plans are meticulously crafted, offering a mix of unit sizes and layouts. From cozy two-bedroom units for young couples or small families to more spacious five-bedroom units for larger families, the development ensures a comfortable living space for all.

    Typical Unit Layouts

    1. Two-Bedroom Units: Ideal for singles or young couples. They typically feature a master bedroom with an attached bathroom, a secondary bedroom, a common bathroom, a kitchen, a living and dining area, and possibly a balcony.
    2. Three-Bedroom Units: Suitable for small to medium-sized families, these units include a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, two additional bedrooms, a common bathroom, a kitchen, and a spacious living and dining area. Some layouts may include a yard or utility room.
    3. Four-Bedroom Units: Designed for larger families, offering a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, three additional bedrooms (one of which may be an ensuite), a common bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, and generous living and dining spaces. These units often come with extra features like a yard, utility room, or study area.
    4. Five-Bedroom Units: The epitome of luxury and space, catering to multi-generational families or those who desire ample space. They typically feature a large master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, multiple additional bedrooms (some with ensuite bathrooms), a spacious kitchen, separate living and dining areas, and various utility spaces.

    Design and Features

    • Efficient Space Utilization: The floor plans are designed to maximize usable space, reducing dead areas and ensuring each square foot is efficiently utilized.
    • Natural Light and Ventilation: Large windows are a standard feature, ensuring ample natural light and ventilation, contributing to a healthy and pleasant living environment.
    • Modern Aesthetics: The interiors are designed with contemporary tastes in mind, featuring clean lines and a neutral color palette, allowing residents to personalize their spaces easily.
    • Quality Finishes: Attention to detail is evident in the choice of fittings and finishes, which are both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

    Customization and Flexibility

    • Adaptable Spaces: Some units are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing residents to customize spaces according to their changing needs, such as converting a study into an extra bedroom.
    • Balconies and Private Enclosures: Many units come with balconies or private enclosed spaces, offering additional areas for relaxation or entertainment.

    Living and Dining Areas

    • Spacious Layouts: The living and dining areas are thoughtfully laid out to accommodate comfortable family gatherings and entertainment.
    • Integration with Kitchen: In most units, the living and dining areas seamlessly integrate with the kitchen, creating an open and inclusive environment.


    • Master Bedrooms: Spacious and designed to fit king-sized beds comfortably, with built-in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms.
    • Children’s and Guest Bedrooms: Well-sized to accommodate beds and study desks, suitable for children’s rooms, guest rooms, or home offices.


    • Functional Design: Kitchens are designed to be functional and user-friendly, with ample countertop space and storage.
    • Modern Appliances: Equipped with modern appliances, catering to the needs of contemporary cooking and lifestyle.


    • Modern Fixtures: Bathrooms in Jalan Loyang Besar EC are equipped with modern fixtures and fittings, combining functionality with style.
    • Water Efficiency: Emphasis on water efficiency, with installations that conserve water without compromising performance.


    The floor plans of Jalan Loyang Besar EC are thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide spectrum of residents, from singles and young couples to large families. Each layout is crafted with an emphasis on space optimization, natural light, and modern living standards. The variety of unit types and their flexible layouts ensure that there is a perfect home for every need and preference. The blend of functionality, style, and comfort makes the Jalan Loyang Besar EC a highly desirable residential choice in Pasir Ris, Singapore.